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A message from our governors

Having undertaken a successful federation of the Governing Bodies of Bisley Blue Coat School and Oakridge Parochial School our Federated Governing Body now contains a mixture of parents, staff members and community representatives from both Bisley and Oakridge to ensure we have a diverse range of experience and knowledge to help better inform our governance work.

As a Federated Governing Body our aim is to build on the successful collaborative partnership we have run together over the last few years whilst looking to improved working over the coming years to continue to secure the future of our two schools and deliver the quality of education you expect for your children.

The core vision for the schools adopted by the Federated Governing Body is;-

-       To preserve and develop the Christian values and recognise the historic foundation of Bisley Blue Coat CofE Primary school and Oakridge Parochial school.

-       To encourage each child to develop into happy, responsible, confident young people, well-adjusted to living in a demanding, diverse and ever changing society.

-       To aim to provide an education of the highest quality where everyone is valued and respected, and which promotes pupils’ spiritual and moral development through the experience offered to all pupils as a basis for lifelong learning.

As governors, we see that our role is to help provide the best possible education for the children at Bisley Blue Coat School and Oakridge Parochial School. We want the children and school to thrive and our primary function is to help raise standards which we do by taking a long-term view and monitoring progress against specific targets. We both challenge and support the Headteacher and all staff, sometimes described as the 'critical friend' role. At Oakridge School we are also the employer, with all the responsibilities that involves.

We monitor progress, of staff and children, ask questions and are deeply involved in the self-evaluation, school development plan and performance management processes. We are committed to ensuring high quality teaching and effectively assessing individual pupil progress with the aim of ensuring that all our children enjoy coming to school and develop an enthusiasm for learning.

We have dedicated governors for Literacy, Numeracy, Religious Education, Special Needs, Gifted & Talented and Child Protection. We have committees to manage Finance & Pay, Curriculum, Buildings, Health & Safety, Admissions, PR, Special Needs, Gifted & Talented and Performance Management. We meet at least six times a year and visit the schools on a regular and planned basis. 

Who appoints the governors

Foundation governors are appointed by the Diocese.

Co-opted governors are appointed by the Federated Governing Body.

Parent governors are appointed by parents with children at each school.

Staff governors are appointed by staff.

Authority governors are appointed by the Local Authority.

If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the school for further information – we would very much welcome your support. 

All governors are required to register any interests, please click here to view the Register of Governor's Interest. Click here if you would like to view the Governor Attendance Record 2017-18. Click here if you would like to view the Governor Attendance Record 2016-17


Current governors

Mrs K. Craine

Chair and Foundation Governor (01/09/18 -31/08/22)

English Governor

Mrs K. Andrews

Vice Chair and Co opted Governor (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Maths Governor

Mr C. Wise

Vice Chair and Local Authority Governor (28/11/16 - 27/11/20)

Special Educational Needs Governor

Chair of Curriculum, Standards and Ethos Committee

Mr D. Williams

Interim Head Teacher (01/09/18)

Designated Child Protection Officer

Serves on School Management and Premises, Finance, Curriculum, Standards and Ethos, Marketing and Communications Committees.

Mrs C. Aslett

Co opted Governor (22/11/18 -21/11/22)

 Safeguarding Governor

Mr B. Beamish

Parent Governor (01/02/16 – 31/01/20)

Mr J. Cowen

Foundation Governor (01/12/17 - 30/11/21)

Chair of Finance Committee

Mr J. Ellison

Co opted Governor  (22/11/18 - 21/22/22)

Mrs R. Modaley

Co opted Governor (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Rev S. Murray

 Foundation /Ex Officio

Mr T. Pritchard

Co opted Governor (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Mrs T. Salmon

Foundation Governor (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Chair of School Management and Premises Committee


Mrs K. Shillito

Parent Governor (01/11/15 - 31/10/19)

Chair of Marketing and Communications Committee

 Dr J. Taplin



Mr G. Wright


 Mrs Natalie Abrams


Mrs L. Broadley

Mrs A. Eaton

Mrs S. McCracken

Mr H. Robinson

Mr O. Skelton

Co opted Governor (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Treasurer (Oakridge)


 Staff Governor (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)


Clerk to Governors


Associate Member (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Associate Member (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Associate Member (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Associate Member (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

Associate Member (22/11/18 - 21/11/22)

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