Oakridge School Charitible Trust

When and why was the Trust set up?

In the early 1990’s the school was struggling financially.  Other schools in the locality were known to have set up similar charitable trusts, and the Governing Body decided this was the best course of action for Oakridge.  As a means to bring in additional financial support, the Trust was set up in July 1993 by the then-governing body (some of whom are still heavily involved today!)


What is the Purpose of the Trust?

The purpose of the trust is simple: To advance the long-term provision of education at the school. The Trust serves to manage donations to the school and help augment the facilities provided by the local council.


A Turn of Fortune...

In 1998, the late Miss Marjorie Woolley Baker left her residuary estate to the School’s Charitable Trust.  The value of this extraordinarily kind gift was in excess of £345,000.  The Trustees subsequently took professional financial advice and the funds were invested accordingly.


Who was Marjorie Woolley Baker?

Miss Woolley Baker, a music enthusiast and teacher, lived in Oakridge for a short period during the 1950s, before moving back to London.  Although she lived in Oakridge for only a short period, she had very fond memories of the area and local community.


Why did Miss Woolley Baker remember Oakridge Parochial School in her Will?

Shortly after the Trust was created, Miss Woolley Baker contacted the school and made a kind donation of £100.  The pupils at the school wrote to express their thanks.  From that point onwards, the pupils remained in regular correspondence with Miss Woolley Baker, sending her Christmas cards and providing regular updates regarding school activities.
This continued until she sadly died in December 1997, aged 88.

The relationship forged with Miss Woolley Baker by the pupils ultimately resulted in her leaving her residuary estate to the School’s Charitable Trust. Unbeknown to the school, the value was approximately £345,000. The Executive Trustees now manage these funds in the best interest of the school.

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