Sep 11, 2015

Newsletter 1

Welcome back to the New School year everyone

Happy New School Year.

Welcome back to everyone. We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday and that like us you are excited about the new school year ahead. This term we welcome Miss Wieman who starts with us in Class 2. We would also like to extend a very special welcome to the new reception children Barnaby, George, Henry, Thea and Theo.

Open The Book.

Our children really enjoy Open the Book assemblies that take place in church fortnightly.  Our dedicated Open the Book team are looking for volunteers to help with reading and acting out stories from the Bible. If you are interested in helping please speak to Kay Rhodes.

The Secret Police.

Following the success of the Dire Streets concert last year Penny Newton has organised what promises to be a superb OSA fundraising event for the evening of Saturday 26th September. The Secret Police will be performing at the Oakridge Village Hall 7.30pm. More information about the evening can be found in the school office. Tickets can be purchased from the school office and village shop.

Bisley After School Club.

As a reminder Bisley After School Club is available for use by our pupils on a daily basis after school.  For further information contact Carolyn in the office or see the Bisley school website.

Uniform reminder

All pupils have come back to school very smart in their new uniforms. It is important that your child’s clothes are labelled so any misplaced item can be returned to the rightful owner.


If your child is unwell and unable to attend school we need to know. We request that the school office is informed by 9.30am on the first day of absence. Any un-notified absence of pupils will be followed up with a call home to ensure the child is safe.

If your child arrives at school late or attends a medical appointment please sign in at the office so the register can be amended.


Our Christian Value of the term is THANKFULNESS


Dates for your diary.

Tues 15th Sept

Class 1 visit to SS Great Britain

Sat 19th Sept

Folkridge at The Butcher’s Arms

Tues 22nd Sept

Class 1 to Copsegrove

Wed 23rd Sept

Class 1 to Copsegrove

Sat 26th Sept

The Secret Police at The Village Hall (OSA fundraiser)

Fri 9th October

Class 2 to Cheltenham Literacy Festival with Class 3 from Bisley

Tues 13th Oct

Class 2 to Copsegrove - TBC

Tues 20th Oct

Parent’s Evening for Class 1 & 2

Wed 21st Oct

Parent’s Evening for Class 2 only


Mon 2nd Nov



Kind regards

Miss L Austin


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