Oct 10, 2014

Newsletter 2

Our arts week was a great success.  Artwork will be on display for all to see at our Open Day on Tuesday 4th November.


Arts week success.

Our arts week was a great success and we are now in the process of displaying the brilliant work completed that week. Thank you to all who came into help and to Mrs Hayes for organising us all.

Artwork will be on display for all to see at our Open Day on Tuesday 4th November.

Parking around school.

We request that all parents / carers collecting and dropping off children park on the road leading away from the school and not around the village green. This is to ensure that pupils can safely enter and leave the school building at the start and end of the day. If you have any questions regarding parking, please ask in the office. 

A new National Curriculum.

Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 are now working from a new National Curriculum. As is the situation nationally, Year 2 and 6 are still working from the “old” National Curriculum as they shall be assessed against it at the end of their Key Stages.

A curriculum overview is attached giving details of what is being studied in each class during terms 1 & 2.   We are keen to keep parents informed about the learning that takes place in school, and we shall continue looking for new ways in which we are able to strengthen the home / school partnership.

Federated Governing Body.

This week our newly federated governing body held their first meeting. More information about who is who on the governing body will be sent to the parents of both schools in the very near future.

Parent consultation meetings.

Timetables for the parent consultation meetings are displayed in the reception area, please sign up for a time slot to meet with your child’s teacher.  Class 1 is on Tuesday 21st October from 3.30pm – 6.10pm. Class 2 is on Tuesday 21st October from 3.30pm – 6.00pm and Wednesday 22nd October from 3.30pm – 4.10pm.

Harvest Service

The family harvest service takes place in church this Sunday 12th October at 9.30am. Thank you to all who have made contributions of food goods to the collection.


Kind regards

Miss L Austin



Quote of the week


“I can’t wait for maths, I love it!”

Frankie – Y2



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