Feb 27, 2014

Message from OSA

It's that time of year again - getting ready for the May Revels

Calling all parents ... 'Your school needs you' ...

It’s that time of year again – getting ready for our biggest annual fund raiser, the May Revels!  The Revels will take place on Saturday 17th May (1 – 4pm) and the OSA has just started the task of planning the event with its stalls, games, demonstrations and food and drink. We have managed to allocate most of the tasks to members of the OSA, and now we need some help in a few key areas.

Would you be able to donate some time to helping out with a task?  Here is what we’ve identified we need:

2 people to organise the plant stall, bring in donations and run it on the day. 

2 or 3 people to donate an hour on the day to cover people while they have a break?

Thank you so much in advance for your help with this great event!

Kind regards

The Oakridge School Association


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