Nov 27, 2013

Posada 2013

Families in Oakridge will have the opportunity to take part in an adapted version of the Posada this Advent.

Posada 2013

An old Mexican Tradition Posada (a Spanish word for 'inn') is the title for a special Mexican celebration of Christmas.  Following this tradition, two young people dressed as Mary and Joseph would travel from house to house within their village to ask for a place to stay so that Mary could have her baby in comfort.  On Christmas Eve they would re-enact a community play and bring figures of Mary and Joseph to be placed in a crib.  The Posada serves as a reminder of the need to make room for Jesus in our lives, homes and communities and reinforces the true meaning of Christmas.

The Posada in Oakridge this Advent Families in Oakridge will have the opportunity to take part in an adapted version of the Posada this Advent.  Thanks to Noeleen Charlesworth and the ladies of Oakridge we now have our very own knitted nativity set to use for the Posada this year.  8th to 23rd December.  Each day a family will be able to ‘host’ the nativity and use it to enact the story and discuss the true meaning of Christmas. 

Helpful Tips

  • A timetable for the Posada is posted inside Oakridge School (and will be at the church after 19th December – please add your name to the timetable for the night that you would like to host the nativity.  If after putting down your name you find you are unable to take part for any reason, please let the school (or Claire McKirgan) know so that another family may have the chance to host.
  • The nativity set should be collected from the church on the day that you will host it, and returned to the church the next morning.  The church will be open every day between and 4.30pm.   
  • We have chosen a woollen nativity set so that the children can enjoy touching them and using them to enact the story.  Please take care to ensure the figures are treated well and kept safe and clean so that we may return them to their owners in top condition.

Ideas for the host family:

  • Use the figures to enact the story of the nativity – you could use a version of the story to narrate as the children move the figures around.
  • Children might like to dress up as one of the characters to act within the story.
  • Record the hosting experience in the Posada book – you could add photos or pictures to bring it to life.

Many thanks for taking part in the Posada We hope you enjoy the experience!


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