Jun 24, 2013

Class 1 visit to Copsegrove Farm

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July Class 1 will be visiting Copsegrove Farm, Bisley.

Dear Parents

We have organised two days for the children to enjoy outdoor learning locally.  The dates will be Monday 8th Julyand Tuesday 9th July, in order to keep costs to a minimum, we would very much appreciate it if the children could be dropped off at a drop-off point near Copsegrove at 9.15am and picked up at the drop-off point at 2.45pm.  A map is available from the school office.

With the director of the venue we have organised a full two days’ worth of activities ranging from playing team games, camp fires, marshmallow melting, scone twist making and den building.  In order for your child to enjoy this activity in all weathers it will be advisable to provide your child with the following.

  • ·         Backpack that they can carry themselves
  • ·         Waterproof coat
  • ·         Waterproof leggings (optional and dependent on weather)
  • ·         Old outdoor clothing suitable for getting messy in
  • ·         Sturdy footwear for outdoor ie. welly boots with thick socks or walking boots
  • ·         Lunch and a good sized drink to sustain your child for the day
  • ·         Sun cream that your child can apply to themselves

Unfortunately we have been unable to secure funding for this visit so on this occasion, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £5.00 per pupil to cover the cost of some of the activities.

We will be outside for the two days.  If it is wet there is limited shelter to protect us from the rain, so we can only stress the importance of the children being suitably dressed and equipped. We will also be exposed to insects and pollen etc, so it would be useful to know whether we could administer Anthisam cream or bite/sting relief spray to your child if they get stung. There is a slip to fill in and give consent to this.  Also we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of children who are prone to allergies or hay fever to carry any necessary medication should they require it to alleviate any symptoms should they arise during the day.

Finally, in order for your child to enjoy this exciting, busy two day experience they need to be feeling 100%, if not it is advisable not to send them in.  If they become unwell during the day, we will be required to contact you and get your child to the drop-off point in order for you to pick them up. This in turn will leave the group of children left with an adult short whilst ensuring your child is dealt with.

Please fill in the necessary paperwork (available from Carolyn) and return to the school office by Wednesday 3rd July to help us and your children have a fun two days with as little problem as possible.

Yours sincerely

I Kellaway and J Hayes



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