Sep 9, 2019

Welcome back

I am delighted to write to you as the new Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to write to you as the new Headteacher of Bisley and Oakridge Schools.  I consider it a privilege to have been appointed by the governing body and I am very much looking forward to the challenge ahead.  I want to thank you for the number of good wishes I have received from parents since my appointment.

Bisley and Oakridge Schools are undoubtedly very welcoming and nurturing schools with wonderful children and dedicated staff.  I am passionate about working in partnership with the whole community, to continue to develop both schools as excitiing, happy and successful learning environments.

Having taught across all age ranges with more than 20 years of teaching experience, I fully appreciate how important each year of a child's education is towards preparing them for life.  I am passionate about teaching and learning and have high expectations of all children - I will strive to ensure that our schools support the children to achieve their best at all times.

I left primary school with the fondest memories and a love of learning.  My primary school provided opportunities for me to discover and unlock my hidden talents in a caring and supportive environment.  Every child has the ability to do amazing things when the school provides the right opportunities and this is what I will be aiming to do.

You can be assured that as Headteacher, I will strive to create the best education for your child/children whilst they are members of our school family.

If I have not met you as yet, please do come up and introduce yourselves outside the school.

I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Preston

(Executive Head Teacher)


Sep 19, 2019
This year's flu immunisation will take place in school for all pupils on Thursday 17th October 2019
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