Mar 4, 2019

Newsletter 7

We plan to celebrate Red Nose Day with

Red Nose Day – March 15th

We plan to celebrate Red Nose day with a cake sale and by wearing something red. Children are invited to bring a donation of £1 so they can wear anything red in a small way with perhaps a badge, socks or scarf. They could go for the full works by wearing all red. It’s their choice.

For the cakes we plan to do a sale straight after school. Please send donations of cakes into school first thing ready for the sale at 3.15pm.

Parents Evenings – Tuesday 19th March 3.30 -5.30 pm (Class 1 & 2) and Thursday 21st March 4.00 - 6.00 pm (Class 2 only).

Lists will be put up by the office on Monday March 4th inviting you to sign up for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you then.

Greek Day

We were very proud of all the children during Greek day and impressed with the effort made by them with their costumes, some were really quite scary! Right from the start, team work was on display in both classes with children supporting each other in true Oakridge style.  There was much cross-curricular learning as children used maths and DT skills to make pitta bread in Class 2 and fruit salad in Class 1 in preparation for our food tasting at the end of the day.  After planning the activities, Class 2 children also led their particular activity: Laurie supported children making Greek temples from recycled materials, Joly, Max, Seb, Archie and Charlie P led the wildlife hunt and in the afternoon Jack, Stan, Monty, Sam and Layla organised the Greek Olympics. The memorable day ended with our very own Greek café with food prepared by the children; eat your heart out MasterChef!

David Drew MP visit

We were pleased to welcome David Drew to the school on Monday. He spent some time with class 2 talking about his role as MP as well as taking questions from the children. Afterwards he accompanied the children from class 1 to the allotment to learn about all the exciting things that are happening there.


It was good to see the children taking part in the recent cross country event at Painswick. It was a long course and the children did exceptionally well. Thank you for supporting your children . Well done to Layla, Archie, Harry , Amelia, Anouska, Frankie, Alex, Thea and Jenson.

World Book Day

We will be celebrating this day with a visit from the author Julie Fulton and Nicky Price from BBC Radio Gloucestershire . Both classes will be involved in activities linked with the author and children at the allotment. Please see the link below to learn more about her work.        

Thank you to the friends for helping to fund this project.

Curriculum Update information

We are currently undertaking a Curriculum review at both Oakridge and Bisley.

Like all maintained schools in England and Wales, we have to follow the National Curriculum. Whilst we will continue to use this as our framework, this will not limit our curriculum content to the knowledge, skills and concepts covered within it.

We are currently in the process of looking at each subject and identifying the key knowledge and then deciding how best to teach it. We will be working through this curriculum plan over the next two years.

To support this plan we are producing ‘Knowledge Organisers’ which are the  documents outlining the key knowledge that the teachers will be covering across a unit of work; including dates, key personnel, vocabulary, definitions, and other contextual or technical information. These ‘Knowledge Organisers’ will be shared with pupils, parents and carers – with the aim that everyone knows exactly what is being taught, and what the children need to learn.

Please feel free to use the ‘Knowledge Organisers’ as a reference guide for what your child is learning, and also, as an opportunity to discuss the facts about the topic and how much they have learned.

We will continue to develop the use of Knowledge Organisers based on this trial, I would, therefore, welcome your views and any suggestions you may have on this initiative.

How to use a knowledge organiser

  • Your child will receive a knowledge organiser for their new topic that will last until Easter.
  • During this first weekend, you should read the knowledge organiser with your child so that they have a brief introduction to the topic and you know what they will be learning about for the next few weeks!
  • On weekday evenings, when you have time, you should look at the knowledge organiser and talk about or highlight what they have been learning in class.
  • Children should save their knowledge organisers, so that the knowledge they have learnt does not disappear over time but becomes stored in their long-term memory. We will revisit old quizzes in class to make sure children are retaining their knowledge from previous topics.

The teachers at Oakridge would like to invite you to a brief meeting after school next Thursday 7th March straight after school to go through any questions you may have and to share ideas.

The Momo Challenge

There have been recent reports in nearly every major news channel about ‘Momo’. To respond to this, National Online Safety (NOS) have created a balanced guide which provides parents and carers with information to help.  This is available on the link below.

Link for momo guide by National Online Safety:


David Williams                                                                     

Executive Headteacher Bisley and Oakridge Schools



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Jul 18, 2019

The children in Y5 and Y6 have just returned from five days of activities at Culmington Manor in Shropshire.

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