Feb 6, 2017


We would like to offer parents an opportunity

Dear parents

Following up on some feedback received this term, we would like to offer parents an opportunity to meet with staff to share ideas about how we can support our pupils with homework.

To assist with our planning I would be grateful if you could complete and return this form by Thursday 9th February. I will also be asking our Y6 “truly trusted” pupils to conduct a homework questionnaire with the pupils so their feedback and questions can be considered when planning.

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation.


Lisa Austin

Executive Headteacher.

What types of homework does your child / children enjoy?







Are there any elements of homework that present issues?







What would you like to be included in an information evening for parents about homework?







Any other thoughts?






Jul 18, 2019

The children in Y5 and Y6 have just returned from five days of activities at Culmington Manor in Shropshire.

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