Oct 10, 2016

Class 2 Writing Competition

Story Writing Competition

Dear Class 2,


Story Writing Competition

We understand that you have all been on a school trip of quite an adventurous kind.  Congratulations to you for achieving so much, we hear that you have learned new skills in surviving in the wild, including whittling, fire making and sleeping overnight in a tent you have put up on your own.


Hearing all this has given us the idea of offering a competition to you, with prizes.


We understand you are writing about your adventures and would like to invite you to write a story that has been inspired by your experience.


There are 5 prizes to be given away, the lucky winners will be taken out on a trip to a bookshop (during school time), and each winner will be given a book token to choose a book to take home.


Entries must be received by Thursday 20th October.  Winners will be announced on Monday 31st October.


Good luck everyone.


Yours faithfully,


Your School Governors


Jul 18, 2019

The children in Y5 and Y6 have just returned from five days of activities at Culmington Manor in Shropshire.

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